Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its been way to LONG!

I honestly don't even know where to begin its been so long. School and work keeps us WAY to busy! I will just name a few exciting things that have happened in the past 8 or so months.

1. We got a new dog, he is a golden retriever-lab mix. SUPER cute, but he has a huge fascination with the flowers in the back yard--I think that we have had to replant them about 10 times in the last few weeks. I love taking him running, and thats about it!

2. I got to start clinical s this semester and absolutely LOVED it. I think that my favorite surgery that I did this semester was a total hip. I wont go into to much detail, but it was pretty awesome! I think that I am going to stick with orthopedics when I graduate.

3. Tyler ran his first half marathon back in Feb. he did very good, and actually wanted to do another one right after, but all the excitement has worn off, and I am no sure he will ever do anther one!

4. We celebrated are 4 year anniversary. We actually didnt really do anything cause I had clinicals all day and then I had to work that night.

5. We are going to Europe for the summer! We actually leave this Thursday. The countries that we are going to are England, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Athens, Turkey, France.

There are a lot more things that I am leaving out, but pretty much we are just working hard at school and work.

It actually snowed in TEXAS.....
A picture after Tyler's first race. Me and my friends Kuuipo did the full marathon, and Tyler and his friend Chris did the half.


Ralae said...

Thanks for the update... FINALLY!!! Sheesh! Glad all is well. Congrats on four years. We celebrate our fifth anniversary this next month. Tell Tyler good job on running the 1/2. Is Kuuipo (?) still in TX? Do you guys still keep in touch? That's neat. I remember her from a loooonnnngggg time ago. She was always so nice whenever I saw her. So was her sister Kulei.

Brian, Lindsay, and Bekah said...

Wow!!! You finally updated. Glad to see you are still alive. :) Can't believe you were able to talk Tyler into running a half marathon. Vanessa does her marathon in like three weeks. She is way excited. Glad school went well and have fun in Europe. I am so jealous. :)